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Energize is a light and silky activating day cream, restoring, reinforcing and protecting. Provides instantly smoother, more nourished and radiant skin.

For normal to oily skin.

ENERGIZE consists of a highly potent mix of active ingredients comprised of plant stem cells from Swiss snow algae and edelweiss, an anti-wrinkle peptide complex, and a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and natural oils. Powerful moisture complexes with short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids ensure long-lasting moisturization of the skin. SNA Blend (potent blend of antioxidants) and InfraGuard, a powerful protection against infrared and blue light rays emitted by mobile devices and computer screens, protect skin cells against aging, age spots, sun damage and air pollution by neutralizing free radicals. They strengthen the skin’s natural barriers, promote collagen formation, and stimulate cell renewal. They also combat moisture loss.

Energize Day Cream Normal/Oily Skin kit

  • Key benefits

    • Protects against infrared and blue-light-induced skin aging through Superior Natural Antioxidant Blend (SNA).
    • Improves skin structure, slows down aging process of skin cells, increases production of collagen and reduces wrinkles with highly effective Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Complex.
    • Restores skin’s elasticity through long-lasting hydration and promotes skin’s lipid barrier with the 72H Moisture Complex.
    • Revitalizes, soothes and prevents inflammation.
    • Provides instantly smoother, more nourished and radiant skin.
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