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Maximize is a highly active, cooling mask packed with powerful ingredients for a collagen boost with bamboo charcoal for enzymatic exfoliation. Activates skin functions for refined, smoothed and plumped skin. 

For all skin types.

MAXIMIZE consists of a highly potent mix of active ingredients comprised of plant stem cells from Swiss snow algae and edelweiss, a unique combination of brown algae, vitamins and bamboo charcoal for exfoliation. A powerful moisture complex with short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids ensures long-lasting moisturization of the skin. Detox your skin with activated bamboo charcoal. Meritoriously helps in cleansing the skin by unclogging pores and removing oil, dirt and impurities, absorbing minerals, toxins and other harmful substances from your skin. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. This essential first step leads to a clean, baby-soft, supple, even-toned and refined skin.

Maximize Black Algae Mask kit

  • Key benefits

    • Exfoliates and deeply purifies for a visibly brighter and refined complexion.
    • Protects against oxidative stress
    • Cools, replenishes and hydrates the skin, and boosts collagen production.
    • Activates skin functions for refined, smoothed and plumped skin.
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