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Vitalize is a gentle, balancing remineralizing and moisturizing foam softener. Provides hydrated, smoothlooking and perfectly prepared skin.

For all skin types.

VITALIZE consists of a highly potent mix of active ingredients comprised of plant stem cells from Swiss snow algae and edelweiss, a moisture complex and aloe vera to ensure perfect moisturization of the skin. It moisturizes and calms the skin, remineralizes and supports the balance of the hydrolipid film and the skin’s natural protective barrier, soothes the skin by reducing any tendency towards irritations. Your skin remains radiant, fresh, hydrated, and perfectly prepared for the following skincare routine.

Vitalize Foam Softener kit

  • Key benefits

    • Remineralizes, calms and refines the skin without drying.
    • Moisturizes and maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance.
    • Provides hydrated, smooth-looking and perfectly prepared skin.
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