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Amaze is a deeply penetrating mask consisting of 100% biodegradable softwood fiber. Lifts the skin instantly for smoothed, super-hydrated and plumped skin.

For all skin types.

AMAZE consists of a highly potent mix of active ingredients comprised of plant stem cells from Swiss snow algae and edelweiss, an anti-wrinkle peptide complex, and a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and natural oils. Powerful moisture complexes with short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids ensure long-lasting moisturization of the skin. It offers a botox-like effect, corrects fine lines and wrinkles for incomparable skin comfort and ultimate smoothness. Optimizes skin elasticity – the skin is plumped and intensively hydrated. AMAZE encompasses the finest regenerating and activating ingredients in high concentration to enhance the self-renewal process, and stimulates the cellular activities for youthful, radiant and balanced skin.

Content: 5 x 15 ml

AMAZE Fiber Sheet Mask

  • Key benefits

    • Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production.
    • Improves skin structure, slows down aging process of skin cells, increases production of collagen and reduces wrinkles with highly effective Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Complex.
    • Restores skin’s elasticity through long-lasting hydration and promotes skin’s lipid barrier with the 72H Moisture Complex.
    • Helps reduce deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead and cheek wrinkles.
    • Lifts the skin instantly for smoothed, superhydrated and plumped skin
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