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Revolutionizing olive oil 

Nature’s liquid gold in a bottle. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean diet with our exclusive, proprietary extra virgin olive oil with pre-harvest Koroneiki olives from Cyprus. An aromatic, potent and truly revolutionary addition to any meal thanks to the extremely powerful concentration of bioactive antioxidants from polyphenols, 30 times higher than regular olive oil, which help protect the fatty acids in your blood from oxidative stress.


Content: 250 ml


  • Key benefits

    • Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil (R.E.V.O.O)
    • Up to 30 times higher polyphenol content compared to ordinary olive oil
    • Made with ancient principals’ re-thought, redesigned and rebuilt
    • The fuller spectrum of natural bio-active compounds locked in an Omega-9 Oil
    • Certified Koroneiki olives from orchards owned by multi-generational farmers free any use of fertilizers or pesticides
    • Pressed with patented process and apparatus. Nutraceuticals are protected and collected in every drop
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