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All the nutrients you need in one capsule

Don’t let the stressors of life get the better of you. Discover our most advanced, all-in-one, natural multi-immune food supplement. A unique fusion of 22 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will help counterbalance your modern diet. Xtend+ supports bodily functions and contributes to a normal immune system.

Content: 60 capsules, total net weight 45 g


  • Key benefits

    • Enjoy more energy3
    • Improve your bone and joint function2
    • Contributes to a normal immune system1
    • Provides a comprehensive program of nutritional factors needed for tissue growth and repair4
    • Vitamins derived from natural sources – Vitamin C from acerola, B-vitamins from buckwheat, Magnesium from seawater
    • All-natural excipients derived from rice, potato, and coconut
    • Comes in plant-based capsules, registered by THE VEGAN SOCIETY
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